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Perkunkiemis Lemon Gym – a club close to your work and home! Here you will find an exercise space for quiet stretching, a wide functional area, and a group training room for real workoutparties! When you come to the hall, you won’t feel crowded either – it’s spacious, and there are enough exercise machines for everyone. For active and fun breaks, you will also find a slot machine here;)

Everything to achieve your goals!

Working hours
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    6 AM - 5 PM

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    6 AM - 5 PM

Group trainings
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Exercise as you like! Lemon Gym offers a wide range of options, so everyone can achieve their goals.

Spacious free weight zone
Build muscle in a spacious zone of free weights
Cardio Fitness Area
Cardinal cardio achieve
Spacious functional zone

For intensive functional and group training


Take your exercise habits to the next level – choose from strength, cardio, or Body&Mind categories. We have options for everyone, take a look.

Table football
Space for your productive sports breaks
YANGA water machine

Stay hydrated throughout your whole workout. What better way to do it, if not with vitamin-filled delicious water? Choose the flavor and enjoy!

Exercise around the clock our clubs are adapted for YOU
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Expert coaches guide you through workouts, offering full-body adaptive strength training that keeps you motivated.

Circle training

Functional strength training that trains various muscle groups and strengthens the cardiovascular system.


It’s a full-body workout with elements of boxing. During training, general physical fitness is improved, endurance is developed, coordination is developed and boxing techniques are learned.

Press & back

A cardio workout designed to strengthen the muscles of the back, abs and upper body

Full body tone

It is a strength and endurance workout based on strength exercises targeting different muscle groups


Functional training with belts, during which various strength exercises are performed using only your own body weight


An intense strength training session designed to develop and tone key muscle groups. During it, additional equipment is used – special sticks, weights, balls, and “step” platforms.

Every GRIP workout will make you believe that you can do more every time and achieve visible, long-lasting results. Already after the first workout, you will see a new, improved self in the mirror!


This is a workout whose purpose is to harmonize body and mind, reduce physical and mental tension, and activate deep muscles. Light, smooth movements will allow you to see yourself and your body in a new light.



A full-body exercise technique that strengthens the deep and superficial muscles of the body, and improves flexibility and coordination.

TRX Yoga

TRX Yoga – training with TRX belts. It improves flexibility, balance, nerve and muscle control, all of which tone and strengthen muscles.



A workout that combines dance and aerobic items to strengthen all muscle groups. The result is better posture, cardiovascular health, metabolism, and a leaner body


Exercise is for both body and soul



If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Does the club have a parking area for its clients?

Yes, for customers with an annual membership, and after registering their car number with a sports club employee or call center specialist, they can park their car for free for 3 hours. Customers without an annual membership can park their car for free for 1 hour. There is also a PC DOMUS PRO parking lot right next to the club, where you can park your car for 3 hours for free.

Does the club have a sauna?

No, Sauna’s are located in Lemon Gym Europa, Vienuolis and Kaunas Zalgiris arena clubs.

At what hours of the day can I find a club manager?

Employees of the sports club work only on weekdays, during peak customer flows. You can resolve all questions related to membership with the call center via email ( ) or by calling 19193

How do I make an appointment to group trainings?

Download the LEMON GYM LT app, and log in with your e-mail and password. In the “Training” section of the app, filter the club you want to attend, click on the required training, and press the plus sign.

What are opening hours of the club?

The club is open 24/7


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