What do I get when I buy Lemon Gym membership?

You get the chance to do sports in a good sports club using the sports equipment of the best manufacturers. The clubs are situated in convenient locations: it is easy to reach them on foot, by car or public city transport.

Where are the clubs located?

All clubs and their adresses can be found under "All Gyms".

What are opening hours of the club?

All gyms are open from 6 am till 11 pm on workdays and from 9 am till 9 pm on weekends, except Vilnius "Banginis" and Kaunas "Savanoriai" clubs, which works 24/7 and administration working hours from 10 am till 8 pm on workdays and from 10 am till 3 pm on weekends.

Why is it worth to buy a membership before the opening of the club?

Because we are offering special prices and terms for a limited number of memberships only before the opening of the new club! 

What exercise equipment is used in Lemon Gym club?

Exercise equipment of the best manufacturers (Life Fitness, Cybex, Technogym) are used in the clubs.


How can I buy a membership?

There are several ways to buy a membership:

  1. Arrive at any club convenient to you.
  2. Online at any time: https://www.lemongym.lt/kainorastis.

How much does a Lemon Gym membership cost?

You will find our price list here

When will my membership become valid after I buy it?

Membership becomes valid on the same day after payment unless you've chosen a later activation date when purchasing.

May I rewrite the membership to another person?

Yes, a membership may be transferred two times by writing an application in the reception and paying a single-time administration fee (5 EUR).

May another person visit the club using my membership?

No. The membership is registered.

Is it possible to suspend the membership?

You can freeze your membership for 2 eur/week. Membership freeze is possible up till 8 weeks during your contract time. Contract commitment period will be extended for same amount of days. Login to client portal or contact your club administrator if you want to freeze your membership.  

Membership can also be suspended in the case of illness by submitting a medical or disability certificate.

At what times will I be able to visit the sports club?

All gyms are open from 6 am till 11 pm on workdays and from 9 am till 9 pm on weekends, except Lemon Gyms located in P. Lukšio g. 34, Vilnius and Savanorių pr. 168, Kaunas, which are open 24/7, but irst time please come on administration working hours: from 10 am till 8 pm on workdays and from 10 am till 3 pm on weekends.

The duration and time of a visit is unlimited: you can do sports at any time during opening hours of the club.

May I pay monthly fee in cash?

No cash accepted. A payment by card is made on the day on which the contract is signed. Later monthly fee payments are carried out via e-invoicing or by deducting monthly fee from your bank card.

May the same bank account be used to pay for several memberships?


Until when must e-invoices be paid?

E-invoices must be paid until the 10th day of the current month.

May one be transferred to another Lemon Gym club?

Yes, you may be transferred to another Lemon Gym club by writing an application in the reception and paying a single-time administration fee (3 EUR).

May I terminate COMFORT membership with a minimum period of 12 months?

Yes, you may terminate the membership but you should cover the discount which was given for each previous month. You can check what discount was given for you in your agreement. You may also transfer the membership once to another person for a 5-euro administration fee.

I want to transfer my membership, what should I do?

You must arrive with the person to whom you will transfer the membership; you both must have personal identification documents with you and the other person will have to provide their account number; an application will have to be written and a single-time 5-euro administration fee will have to be paid. The payment for the current month must also have been paid.

What is PREMIUM membership?

PREMIUM membership includes:

  • opportunity to workout in all Lemon Gym clubs in Baltic countries,
  • free 4 week vacations,
  • 4 free monthly visits for your friends, 
  • free YANGA water memberships,
  • Free app PRO version.


Additional info

From what age is it allowed to begin visiting a sports club?

From 18 years old, as a standard. From 15 years old with a written consent of the parent. Parents have to come together for the first visit and sign consent at a gym.

Are there any instructors in Lemon Gym clubs?

There are business customers who provide instructors’ services in all Lemon Gym clubs. You can get their contracts in the club or find them in our website:

The meeting and prices are discussed with the instructor.

What should I do if I leave my belongings in the club?

All items found are kept in the box of items found in the club for 7 days.

How many times a day may I visit the sports club?

The number of visits are unlimited (every 1,5 hours)

Where should I send my comments or complaints about the services of employees?

Email:  hello@lemongym.lt

Phone number: 19193

May I visit other clubs if I have a membership in one club only but my club is closed during holidays?

Yes, you can visit other Lemon Gym clubs which are open during holidays when your club is closed.

The first visit

What do I have to bring with me when I come to the club for the first time?

A member must have clean sports clothes, a towel which must be spread on exercise equipment and a padlock to lock their belongings each time when they come to the sports club. For the first visit you will need your identity document. You will also need your bank account number or bank card, depending on your chosen monthly fee payment method.

How do I enter the sports club?

You can enter the club using the finger code, if your finger code is not working you can contact clubs: Club contacts

What should I do if I can’t enter the sports club when I press my finger against the reader?

Contact the administrator who will check your membership information and will help you enter the club. Contact information you will find here: Club contacts

What should I do if I lose the padlock?

You may always buy a new padlock in the reception.

May I use my own padlock?

Yes, but make sure that the size of the padlock is suitable when you buy it.

I have bought a membership and paid for it online, may I arrive now?

Yes, you can arrive at the club with your personal identification document. If you intend to do sports right away, don’t forget a padlock for locking your belongings and a towel for spreading it on exercise equipment – you may buy those items at us too.

How do I order e-invoices so that payments would take place via e-bank?

You have to order a new e-invoice when you log in to your e-bank; you can find the instructions at this link below (choose your bank): https://www.lemongym.lt/kainorastis.

Choose UAB Gym LT as the beneficiary of the funds. Enter the digits before the  brackets in the name of your contract as the contract ID.

How can I log in to my Lemon gym account?

You have to activate the account via the following link first of all: https://lemonlt.perfectgym.pl/ClientPortal2/#/Login.

E-mail must be the same which you specified when buying the membership.