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Comfort and Premium offers are valid only if the contract is signed for at least 12 months.

If you want not limit yourself and exercise in all Lemon Gym clubs, to bring a friend for free 4 times a month, freeze your membership for 4 weeks for free, use group training in Banginis (Vilnius), Savanoriai(Kaunas) and Žalgiris arena (Kaunas) clubs, refresh with Yanga B vitamins water and get sports tips from the Lemon Gym "E-trainer" app - choose PREMIUM

Additional benefits for PREMIUM customers:
After training, you can relax in a massage bed at Kaunas Savanoriai club.
There are 3 saunas in Kaunas Žalgiris arena club, which can be enjoyed indefinitely.

There are possibility to transfer any membership for 5 eur.

You can terminate your contract before 14 days.

If the contract is terminated before the minimum period of use of the services, the discount must be covered for each month attended. You can check the amount of the discount in the contract.


  • Day pass - 5 eur. 
  • YANGA water membership - 4,5 eur/month (this service is not yet available in Kaunas Žalgiris arena).
  • App PRO version - 3,5 eur/month.


For monthly fee payment you can choose:

* E-invoice delivered monthly to your e-banking system. You can set up automatic e-bill payment or pay manually until 10th of current month.

* Monthly fee deduction from your bank card. Deduction is executed on the 10th day of month.

How to set automatic deduction

Just a few simple steps and automatic deduction is set.

We enclose the instructions how to do that in different banks to make it simpler.