Lemon Gym Fabijoniškės


Business days
6.00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

9.00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

LEMON GYM is a community for active people who are as lively as their city. Even though our lives are very different, we are brought together everyday by fitness. There are no obligations and no competition. I'm working out because I like it, I am pushing it as hard as I can, I come when it's convenient for me.

Come and join us! You will easily find LEMON GYM FABIJONIŠKĖS at Ateities St. 31b, Vilnius. Parking lot is big and convenient, so no fuss parking your car.

Our gym is spacious too, so you wont feel crowded and there are enough machines for everyone. You will be working out with modern equipment which is approved by professionals.

You will also be able to workout in virtual training. Choose from more than 600 different workouts in Wexer Virtual program and workout with world leading coaches.

Even if you are sweating a lot, you wont have to stay thirsty. Yanga Sports Water machine will help you to freshen up as well as load you with vitamins and minerals. Just choose your favorite flavor.

Don't wait for inspiration or better mood, just come and push it as hard as you can. Inspiration and good mood will come right afterwards.

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Laimis Vaičiulis
Coach, ph.: +370 663 75 853
Gintaras Jusis
Coach, ph.: +370 624 55 358
Fiorentina Stakulienė
Coach, ph.: +370 602 53 519
Mindaugas Seilius
Coach, ph.: +370 602 54 661
Kristina Vilčinskaitė
Coach, ph.: +370 692 73 595